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Brian Rokey

Brian Rokey worked in the construction and farming world before coming to work at The Hole Deal in the summer of 2014.  He has been involved in both our geothermal division as well as the directional boring division.  While he is highly skilled and equally talented at both jobs, he prefers directional boring.  He finds it less repetitive and more challenging.  Brian feels you must really think ahead and pay close attention to safety when it comes to underground work.  The worst feeling in the world on the job is when you hit a utility.  He encourages others (and himself) to learn from your mistakes.  Slowing down, taking your time, and being observant would be his advice when it comes to working on the job site.    It is a dangerous job and you can never be too careful.  Brian says the people he works with daily are the best part of the job.  Comments like this remind us Brian’s great attitude are one of his best qualities.  Brian’s personality, humor, and willingness to get the job done have helped to build the comradery the guys share with one another. Brian’s work ethic, talents, and attitude are all testaments of his upbringing.  It also helps that Brian is an ox of a man like his Grandpa (Big John) Rokey and his uncles.  If you need someone to left something heavy Brian is the guy!  When Brian is not working, he likes to spend his free time with his new bride Lydia.  They are moving into a new home soon and with that comes house projects they can tackle together.  You might also catch Brian working on his truck.  He has spent 6 years restoring it.   We benefit greatly from his hobby of working on vehicles.  Brian is also an employee you will see in the shop turning wrenches and maintaining the equipment.   The Hole Deal and our customers are lucky to have Brian on their side.  He is top notch, so versatile, and greatly appreciated.  I consider myself lucky to call Brian my friend and to have been able to get to know him over the last 5 years.

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Keith Kleen, Employee of The Hole Deal

“I have had the pleasure of working for The Hole Deal since 2006. The Hole Deal is a solid company and is a great place to learn and grow. I love working for a company that appreciates my hard work! I have the privilege of working with a great team that has the experience and drive to work hard and be productive. I look forward to working at The Hole Deal for many more years to come.”