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Need a contractor for your customer's geothermal project?

If your customers want a geothermal system installed for their home or business, then you need a reliable partner. Working with experienced geothermal loop installers saves you time and stress, you don't have to worry about costly mistakes, the crew being late without notice or rude workers.

Geothermal Loop Systems We Install

Vertical Loops

Most common loop field we install. These geothermal loops can be installed on virtually any lot.

Horizontal Loops

Second most common geothermal loop system. These systems work if you have a large area of ground close by like a field.

Pond Loops

These systems work great if you have a pond or a lake within 300’ of your home or building that is a minimum of 10-15’ deep in the driest time of the year.

Choose a Partner You Can Trust

We know it's a bit daunting to trust a piece of your project to another service provider. Your reputation is important and we want to help you guard it. With over 15 years of experience and 15,000 geothermal loops installed, we are the right partner for you.


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"They Make Our Job Easy"

Ron Hinrichsen, Hinrichsen Heating & Air Conditioning

“As an HVAC contractor, it’s very important for my geothermal drilling contractor to be dependable, knowledgeable, and timely. Our company has worked with The Hole Deal for many years and they have been very good to work with. They get the job done right.  If there ever is a minor problem, they are prompt in responding to us and getting the problem resolved. You can count on these guys! They make our job easier.”